The 5 Worst States for Identity Theft

CyberScout Newsletter | August 2011

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In this issue: The 5 Worst States for Identity Theft-and tips to protect yourself no matter where you live; college students are heading back to school, and many of them are just now learning about identity theft committed against them when they were children; an Ohio schoolteacher and his family recover from a humiliating arrest after his identity is stolen; plus, our experts share 10 tips to protect voicemail accounts and mobile devices, a hot-button issue after the London tabloid phone hackings.

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Slideshow: 5 Worst States for Identity Theft Fraud on a wire

Is your state a hotbed of identity theft?

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Pomp and Suspicious Circumstance

College grads are struggling in this post-recession economy. Many can't find work and have to move back in with their parents. Worse, a growing number are victims of child identity theft, which makes their situation even tougher. Learn how a George Washington University student is fighting back with help from one of our fraud investigators.

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Teacher Learns a Hard Lesson About Identity Theft

A schoolteacher learns about identity fraud the hard way, after he's arrested for crimes committed by an identity thief. A night in jail and months of dealing with law enforcement led him to CyberScout for help. Find out how we restored his good name.

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Ask the Expert Ask the Expert

The British tabloid phone-hacking scandal has led to a tabloid shutdown, high-profile arrests and endless intrigue. It also raises important questions about mobile phone security. Phone hacking, or voicemail spying, can happen to anyone. To protect your data, follow these security practices from Ondrej Krehel, CyberScout chief information security officer.

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