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Consumers Still Plagued By Identity Theft

Crime remains top consumer complaint to FTC

Friday, June 08, 2012
Consumers Still Plagued By Identity TheftFor the 12th consecutive year, identity theft was the top consumer complaint filed with the Federal Trade Commission.

The FTC dealt with a large amount of consumer complaints once again last year, and the most common was identity theft, according to a report from Bankrate. In all, about 15 percent of all complaints lodged with the federal agency were related to identity theft of some kind, totaling roughly 1.8 million in all. That's up 24 percent from the number observed in 2010, and the fifth consecutive year in which complaints rose.

Of that 15 percent, about one quarter were specifically related to consumers' taxes or wages, the report said. This can be especially troubling because crooks carrying out this type of fraud need to have access to a wealth of their victims' personal information, including their Social Security number.

Adam Levin, chairman for CyberScout, writes regularly on his official blog about the ways in which identity theft can be harmful to consumers, and what victims can do to remediate these issues.

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